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28/06/2023 - Séminaire - Pintu Das

Mercredi 28 Juin 2023 à 11h00, Pintu Das (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, New Delhi, India) donnera un séminaire en 2A0-70 (A0, 2ieme étage, salle 70, / !\ places limitées).

Title :Topological Hall effect due to nanoscale magnetic skyrmions in ultra thin film multilayers

Abstract : In the last decade, the Hall effect family has been enriched by a new type, called Topological Hall effect (THE) which describes a contribution to transverse current that is not usually covered in the ordinary or anomalous Hall effect (AHE). Whereas AHE result from spin orbit interaction, the THE is a manifestation of exchange interaction of the spin of the carriers with the underlying magnetic textures. Recent experimental and theoretical investigations suggest that a magnetic skyrmion or a skyrmion lattice possessing a nonzero topological charge (topologically non trivial spin texture) may result in THE.
In this talk, I will discuss the results of THE observed in the skyrmion phase for Pt|Al|Co|Pt based ultra-thin film multilayer stacks. Other than observing a correlation with the evolution of skyrmion in the system, our analysis suggest undetected skyrmions resulting in a large THE comparable with the value observed for the skyrmions which are detected by magnetic force microscopy. Our electrical fluctuation experiments indicate an increase in fluctuations as a skyrmion phase evolves in the system. I will discuss the possible scenarios to understand our experimental data.


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