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Seminar - Sebastiaan van Dijken

Friday 08th October 2021 at 3PM, Sebastiaan van Dijken (Aalto University) will give a seminar on "Active control of spin waves in YIG-based and multiferroic heterostructures"

Active manipulation of spin waves is essential for the development of magnon-based technologies. In this seminar, I will give an overview of recent research by my group on this topic. I will focus on two material systems: low-loss YIG-based hybrids and electric-field controllable multiferroic heterostructures. Topics that will be discussed include: (1) low-loss spin-wave manipulation in one-dimensional magnonic crystals made of nanometer-thick YIG stripes, (2) demonstration of the first magnonic Fabry-Pérot resonator, (3) active control of spin-wave transmission by a programmable magnetic domain in a multiferroic heterostructure, and (4) electric-field control of spin waves.


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