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Information - March 16th 2020 4PM

Business Continuity Plan (PCA in French) of the Unité Mixte CNRS/Thales.
These measures are valid from 16/03 for at least 6 weeks.

For Thales staff (staff, PhD Cifre) :
The rule defined by the Direction Committee of Thales is to set up, from 16/03, and until further notice, alternating operation in disjointed weekly teams (the now famous teams Week A and Week B). In any case, teleworking must be absolutely privileged, so if you have to come to the laboratory for essential actions, remember to take enough money every evening to stay teleworking.

For CNRS staff (permanent, postdocs, PhDs), University of Paris Saclay staff (permanent, PhDs with ED scholarship) and University of Evry :
The rule is simple, all staff are teleworking from 16/03 and until further notice.

For Internship students (Thales, CNRS) :
For those who have already arrived in internships, the rule is simple, all teleworking.
For those who have not yet started their internship, we will keep you informed as soon as we have the precise information, but it will be teleworking from the beginning.

As soon as we have new instructions from the CNRS and the Universities, and if Thales TRT has not changed its rules, we will resume the system of alternating operation in disjointed weekly shifts. As a result, we will keep the distribution already made (see list Week A/Week B).

Finally, if you are sick with a proven coronavirus infection or even if you suspect that you are infected, you must :
1- Absolutely warn us because we are obliged to transmit this information to the medical service of our respective employers.
2- Stay at home and limit any contact, even with your relatives.
3- Call 15 or the SAMU in case of complications.

Do not hesitate to contact us at this e-mail address: Email if you have any questions or need information.