Quasiparticle tunnel electroresistance in superconducting junctions

Inverse transition in ferroelectric thin films

Giant topological Hall effect in correlated oxide thin films

Coupled nano-oscillators capable of recognizing vowels according to a learning rule

Living dead layer at the surface of a Mott insulator

Neural-like computing with populations of superparamagnetic basis functions

Room temperature electrically detection of single nanoscale skyrmions, a topological magnetic quasi-particle

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24 August 2020

Review: A new roadmap for spintronics

SpintronicFactory european consortium has published in Nature Electronics [1] a new roadmap for spintronics
Preprint: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1908.10584

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15 July 2020

PhD defense - Raphaël Aeschlimann

Wednesday, July 15th at 12h45, Raphaël Aeschlimann will defend his thesis entitled: “Magnetic and transport properties of rare-earth titanate thin films and heterostructures”
On-line PhD (...)

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17 June 2020

PhD defense - Steffen Wittrock

Wednesday, June 17th at 2PM, Steffen Wittrock will defend his thesis entitled: “From noise & stability to synchronization & complex dynamics in spin torque nanooscillators”
On-line PhD (...)

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25 February 2020

PhD defense - Benoît QUINARD

Tuesday, February 25th at 2PM, in Thales Auditorium, Benoît QUINARD will defend his thesis entitled: “Spin-dependent transport in π-conjugated self-assembled (...)

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18 November 2019

PhD defense - Quentin BARBEDIENNE

Tuesday, December 10th at 2PM, in Thales Auditorium, Quentin BARBEDIENNE will defend his thesis entitled: “Study of topological surface states for their integration into spintronics devices (...)

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