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30 October 2017

HDR - Madjid Anane

Monday, October 30th at 10 am, in the Thales R&T auditorium, Madjid Anane will defend his “Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches” entitled: “ Nanomagnonics with ultra-thin YIG (...)

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13 July 2017

HDR - Vincent Garcia

Thursday, July the 13th at 10:30am, in Thales TRT Auditorium (Palaiseau), Vincent Garcia will defend his HDR entitled: “ Ferroelectric tunnel junctions (...)

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30 June 2017

PhD defense - Sophie Delprat

Friday, June the 30th at 2:45, in the IOGS auditorium,Sophie Delprat will defend her PhD thesis “Jonctions tunnel magnétiques avec des monocouches moléculaires (...)

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10 April 2017

SKYMAG 2017 workshop

The workshop aims to gather researchers from different disciplines (magnetism, spintronics, surface science, neutron scattering, synchrotron techniques, etc.) for stimulating fruitful (...)

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3 April 2017

Electronic synapses that can learn : towards an artificial brain ?

Artificial neural networks show enhanced performance for key applications such as data mining or pattern recognition, but need to be implemented in hardware to make these applications accessible (...)

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23 January 2017

PhD defense - Laura Begon-Lours

Monday, January the 23rd at 2:30, in the Auditorium (Thales TRT, Palaiseau), Laura Begon-Lours will defend her PhD thesis “ Ferroelectric Field-Effects in High-Tc Superconducting Devices (...)

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11 January 2017

PhD defense - Alice Mizrahi

Alice Mizrahi will defense his PhD "Stochastic magnetic tunnel junctions for bio-inspired computing" Wednesday January 11th 2017 at 2PM (Thales auditorium)

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21 December 2016

PhD defense -Constance Moreau-Luchaire

Wednesday, December the 21th at 2 o’clock, in the Auditorium (Thales TRT, Palaiseau), Constance Moreau-Luchaire will defend her PhD thesis (in English, directed by Vincent Cros) entitled: (...)

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1 December 2016

Emergent phenomena induced by spin–orbit coupling at surfaces and interfaces

Albert Fert and Nicolas Reyren are coauthors of a review article in the November 24, 2016 issue of Nature describing emergent phenomena (magnetic skyrmions, structures based on topological (...)

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26 September 2016

PhD defense - Mathieu GRISOLIA

Mathieu GRISOLIA will defense his PhD "Nouveaux états électroniques d’interface a partir d’isolants corrélés" September 26th 2016

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21 June 2016

Marie-Blandine Martin has received the PhD prize Thales

Marie-Blandine Martin has received the PhD prize Thales for her PhD work on "Spintronics with graphene", under supervision of Pierre Seneor.

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13 June 2016

PhD defense - Steven Lequeux

Steven Lequeux will defense his PhD "Déplacement de paroi de domaine par transfert de spin dans des jonctions tunnel magnétiques : application au memristor spintronique" June 13th 2016 (...)

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12 May 2016

Tunnel electroresistance through organic ferroelectrics

In collaboration with Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics and Ecole Centrale Paris, researchers from the lab showed that organic materials can be used for tunnel barriers in memory devices as (...)

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3 May 2016

PhD defense - Sören Boyn

Sören Boyn will defense his PhD "Ferroelectric tunnel junctions: memristors for neuromorphic computing" May 3th 2016

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8 April 2016

Mathieu Grisolia has received the 2016 MRS Gold Medal

Mathieu Grisolia, PhD student at the CNRS/Thales lab, has received the 2016 Gold Medal of the Materials Research Society (MRS) for his work as a graduate student at the "2016 MRS Spring meeting" (...)

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16 February 2016

Self-assembled monolayers based spintronics: from ferromagnetic surface functionalization to spin-dependent transport

We have shown that La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 ferromagnetic surface can be functionalized by alkylphosphonic acid molecules. We have then use of these functionalized surfaces in spintronics devices such as (...)

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26 January 2016

Possessive oxygens tune interfacial magnetism in nickelates

In oxide materials, atomic bonds are usually ionic, which means that electrons sit either on the metal ions or on the oxygens. However, in some compounds such as nickel or copper perovskites (...)

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20 January 2016

Skyrmions at room temperature

In this article we demonstrate that we succeed to stabilize magnetic skyrmions of a few tens of nanometers of diameter at room temperature and very low magnetic field. To achieve this purpose, we (...)

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21 December 2015

Tunelling anisotropic magnetoresistance in molecular tunnel junctions

Clément Barraud et al. provide direct evidence of a hybrid interface spin polarization reversal due to the differing hybridization between phthalocyanine molecules and each cobalt electrode in (...)

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18 December 2015

PhD defense - Saphia Ouanani-Sakhri

Phd Defense - Saphia Ouanani-Sakhri (18/012/2015, 2PM)
Title: "Etude de réseaux de jonctions Josephson à haute température critique"

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16 December 2015

PhD defense - Olivier d’Allivy Kelly

Phd Defense - Olivier d’Allivy Kelly (16/12/2015, 2PM) Title: "Détection et excitation d’ondes de spin dans des microstructures de couches ultraminces Y3Fe5O12/Métal à fort couplage spin (...)

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11 December 2015

PhD defense - Romain Lebrun

Phd Defense - Romain Lebrun (13/12/2015, 1:30PM)
Title: "Coupled vortex dynamics in spin-transfer nano-oscillators: From resonant excitation to mutual (...)

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25 September 2015

PhD defense - Edouard Lesne

Phd Defense - Edouard Lesne (25/09/2015, 2PM)
Title: "Non-Equilibrium Spin Accumulation Phenomena at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 (001) Quasi-Two-Dimensional Electron (...)

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26 June 2015

PhD defense - Ryan Cherifi

PhD defense - Ryan Cherifi (26/06/2015; 10:30AM) Title: "Experimental design of a strong Magneto-Electric coupling system between a ferroelectric and a magnetic phase transition alloy : (...)

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16 June 2015

PhD defense - Eva Grimaldi

PhD defense of Eva Grimaldi (16/06/2015, 2PM) "Etude des propriétés non-linéaires et de l’origine du bruit d’oscillateurs à transfert de spin à base de vortex : vers le développement de (...)

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5 December 2014

PhD defense - Juan Trastoy Quintela

PhD defense of Juan Trastoy Quintela. PhD thesis title:"Efficient artificial ordered vortex pinning in high-TC superconductors via masked ion irradiation" Abstract: Superconducting flux quanta (...)

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15 November 2014

2014 MMM Best Poster Award

Constance Moreau-Luchaire, PhD student, has received a 2014 MMM Best Poster Award at the "Magnetism and Magnetic Materials" conference for her contribution "Bubbles and skyrmions in Pt/Co/Pt and (...)

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29 September 2014

PhD defense - Julien Frougier

Julien Frougier will defend her PhD thesis "Towards Spin-LEDs and Spin-VECSELs operations at magnetic remanence".

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1 September 2014

Sub-nanometer Atomic Layer Deposition for Spintronics in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions Based on Graphene Spin-Filtering Membranes

We report on the successful integration of low-cost, conformal, and versatile atomic layer deposited (ALD) dielectric in Ni-Al2O3-Co magnetic tunnel junctions where the Ni is coated with a (...)

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1 August 2014

Freezing and thawing of artificial ice by thermal switching of geometric frustration in magnetic flux lattices

Using a masked ion irradiation technique that allows us to nanopattern the electronic properties of oxides, we experimentally realize a system in which the geometry of the potential-energy (...)

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16 July 2014

PhD defense - Marta Galbiati

Marta Galbiati will defend her PhD thesis "Molecular Spintronics: from Organic Semiconductors to Self-Assembled Monolayers".

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1 July 2014

Suppression of the critical thickness threshold for conductivity at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface

In epitaxial heterostructures of metal oxides, charge reconstruction at interfaces may produce electronic states different from those of the bulk constituents. A prototypical example of such (...)

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8 April 2014

SKYMAG 2014 workshop

The workshop aims to gather researchers from different disciplines (magnetism, spintronics, surface science, neutron scattering, synchrotron techniques, ...) for stimulating fruitful discussions (...)

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1 February 2014

Electric-field control of magnetic order above room temperature

In collaboration with teams from Université Paris-Sud, Ecole Centrale Paris, the University of Newcastle and the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, researchers from UMPhi have shown that a transition from (...)

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19 December 2013

Spin-to-charge conversion using Rashba coupling

The Rashba effect is an interaction between the spin and the momentum of electrons induced by the spin-orbit coupling (SOC) in surface or interface states. Its potential for conversion between (...)

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1 October 2013

The ultimate storage bit : a magnetic skyrmion

Researchers from the Unité Mixte de Physique CNRS/Thales and the Laboratoire de Physiques des Solides have shown by micromagnetic simulations which are the conditions for the stability of isolated (...)

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26 June 2013

LAZARE-CARNOT 2013 prize

Vincent Cros, CNRS researcher, has received the "Grand Prix Lazare-Carnot" from "l’Académie des sciences".

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1 June 2013

Crafting the magnonic and spintronic response of BiFeO3 films by epitaxial strain

Multiferroics are compounds that show ferroelectricity and magnetism. Here we bring insight into the rich spin physics of BiFeO3 in a detailed study of the static and dynamic magnetic response of (...)

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1 March 2013

Skyrmions on the track

Magnetic skyrmions are nanoscale spin configurations that hold promise as information carriers in ultra-dense memory and logic devices due to the extremely low spin-polarized currents needed to (...)

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1 October 2012

Self-assembled monolayers reveal their potential for molecular spintronics

(La,Sr)MnO3 manganite (LSMO) has emerged as the standard ferromagnetic electrode in organic spintronic devices due to its high spin-polarization and air stability. Whereas organic semiconductors (...)

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21 September 2012

A ferroelectric memristor

Memristors are continuously tunable resistors that emulate biological synapses. Conceptualized in the 1970s, they traditionally operate by voltage-induced displacements of matter, although the (...)

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8 July 2012

Commensurability and chaos in magnetic vortex oscillations

Researchers at the Institute of Fundamental Electronics (CNRS / Univ. Paris-Sud) and the Unité Mixte de Physique CNRS/Thales, in collaboration with teams at City University of Hong Kong and the (...)

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3 June 2012

Highly efficient spin transport in epitaxial graphene on SiC

Spin information processing is a possible new paradigm for post-CMOS electronics and efficient spin propagation over long distances is fundamental to this vision. However, despite several decades (...)

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22 May 2012

Gate-controlled spin injection at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface

The electrical Hanle (Voight geometry) and Inverse Hanle (Faraday geometry) effect in a three-point geometry have been used to probe the electrical spin injection, at low temperature, at the (...)

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14 May 2012

Equal-spin Andreev reflection at high-temperature superconductor/half-metal interfaces

The penetration of a superconducting current from a superconductor into a half-metallic ferromagnet is forbidden in the conventional picture of the proximity effect. However, we found resonances (...)

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14 December 2011

Spin Master Voice workshop 2011

The aims of the Spin Master Voice workshop, co-organized by the Unité Mixte de Physique CNRS/Thales and the Service de Physique de l’Etat Condensé (CEA, Saclay) , are to bring together scientists (...)

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9 December 2011

Ferroelectric manipulation of magnetic flux quanta

Using heterostructures that combine a large-polarization ferroelectric and a high-temperature superconductor, we demonstrate the nanoscale modulation of the superconducting condensate via (...)

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4 December 2011

Solid-state memories based on ferroelectric tunnel junctions

We report non-volatile memories with OFF/ON ratios as high as 100 and write powers as low as 104 A/cm2 at room temperature by storing data in the electric polarization direction of a (...)

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21 August 2011

A new approach for creating room-temperature multiferroics

Multiferroic materials possess two or more ferroic orders but have not been exploited in devices owing to the scarcity of room-temperature examples. Those that are ferromagnetic and ferroelectric (...)

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10 April 2011

Vertical-current-induced domain-wall motion in MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions with low current densities

In the past few years, there have been a number of proposals for fabricating magnetic memories based on the current-induced motion of magnetic domain walls. A device that uses a novel geometry (...)

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