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  • A. Vecchiola, P. Chrétien, S. Delprat, K. Bouzehouane, O. Schneegans, P. Seneor, R. Mattana, S. Tatay, B. Geffroy, Y. Bonnassieux, D. Mencaraglia, F. Houzé, Wide range local resistance imaging on fragile materials by conducting probe atomic force microscopy in intermittent contact mode. Applied Physics Letters. 108, 243101 (2016).

  • V. - E. Campbell, M. Tonelli, I. Cimatti, J. - B. Moussy, L. Tortech, Y. Dappe, E. Rivière, R. Guillot, S. Delprat, R. Mattana, P. Seneor, P. Ohresser, F. Choueikani, E. Otero, F. Koprowiak, V. Chilkuri, N. Suaud, N. Guihéry, A. Galtayries, F. Miserque, M. - A. Arrio, P. Sainctavit, T. Mallah, Engineering the magnetic coupling and anisotropy at the molecule–magnetic surface interface in molecular spintronic devices. Nature Communications. 7, 13646 (2016).

  • S. Tatay, M. Galbiati, S. Delprat, C. Barraud, K. Bouzehouane, S. Collin, C. Deranlot, E. Jacquet, P. Seneor, R. Mattana, F. Petroff, Self-assembled monolayers based spintronics: from ferromagnetic surface functionalization to spin-dependent transport. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. 28, 094010 (2016).

  • M. Galbiati, S. Delprat, M. Mattera, S. Manas-Valero, A. Forment-Aliaga, S. Tatay, C. Deranlot, P. Seneor, R. Mattana, F. Petroff, Recovering ferromagnetic metal surfaces to fully exploit chemistry in molecular spintronics. AIP Advances. 5, 057131 (2015).

  • M. Galbiati, S. Tatay, S. Delprat, H. - L. Khanh, B. Servet, C. Deranlot, S. Collin, P. Seneor, R. Mattana, F. Petroff, Is spin transport through molecules really occurring in organic spin valves? A combined magnetoresistance and inelastic electron tunnelling spectroscopy study. Applied Physics Letters. 106, 082408 (2015).

  • M. Galbiati, S. Tatay, S. Delprat, C. Barraud, V. Cros, E. Jacquet, F. Coloma, F. Choueikani, E. Otero, P. Ohresser, N. Haag, M. Cinchetti, M. Aeschlimann, P. Seneor, R. Mattana, F. Petroff, Influence of alkylphosphonic acid grafting on the electronic and magnetic properties of La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 surfaces. Applied Surface Science. 353, 24–28 (2015).