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Skyrmions at room temperature

In this article we demonstrate that we succeed to stabilize magnetic skyrmions of a few tens of nanometers of diameter at room temperature and very low magnetic field. To achieve this purpose, we developed metallic multilayers designed to induce a large interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction stabilizing isolated skyrmions in films, as well as in nanostructures such as disks or tracks in the sub-micronic range. The imaging of skyrmions has been achieved through STXM experiments performed using the X07DA (PolLux) beamline at the SLS, Paul Scherrer Institüt, (Villigen, Switzerland) and the Maxymus beamline BESSY II, (Adlershof, Germany). These results represent an experimental breakthrough that can be a robust basis for the development of skyrmion- based devices for memory and/or logic applications, as well as the starting point of further fundamental studies on the very rich physics of skyrmions.

C. Moreau-Luchaire et al., Additive interfacial chiral interaction in multilayers for stabilization of small individual skyrmions at room temperature, Nature Nanotechnology (2016)