Giant topological Hall effect in correlated oxide thin films

Coupled nano-oscillators capable of recognizing vowels according to a learning rule

Living dead layer at the surface of a Mott insulator

Neural-like computing with populations of superparamagnetic basis functions

Room temperature electrically detection of single nanoscale skyrmions, a topological magnetic quasi-particle

Chiral or not chiral, that’s the question!

Imaging antiferromagnetic materials with a single-spin magnetometer

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28 January 2019

PhD defense - Lucile Soumah

Monday, January 28th at 10AM, in the Thales Auditorium, Lucile Soumah will defend his thesis entitled "Nanometer thick BiYIG for magnon spintronic applications"

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23 January 2019

PhD defense - Mathieu Riou

Wednesday, January 23rd at 2pm, in the IOGS (Institut d’Optique) Auditorium, Mathieu Riou will defend his thesis entitled "Brain-inspired computing leveraging the transient non-linear dynamics of (...)

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22 January 2019

Industrial partnership with Intel

Intel Corporation has recently proposed a new type of non-volatile logic device operating on spin that should provide improvements in terms of energy efficiency and performance beyond current (...)

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9 January 2019

PhD defense - Philippe TALATCHIAN

Wednesday, January 9th, 1:30pm in the Thales TRT Auditorium, Philippe TALATCHIAN will defend his PhD thesis entitled "’Bio-inspired computing leveraging the synchronization of magnetic (...)

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10 December 2018

PhD defense - Diogo Vaz

Monday, December 10th, 2:30pm in the Thales TRT Auditorium, Diogo Vaz will defend his PhD thesis entitled "Spin-to-charge current conversion in SrTiO3-based two-dimensional electron (...)

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